Blackberry Repair in Toronto

At iRepex, the Toronto Blackberry Repair Centre we are proud to offer the following services:

iRepex offers the perfect solution for Blackberry’s that are out of warranty or have accidental damage the warranty does not cover.We also offer a full line of Blackberry® Repair Services. We offer replacement services for Blackberry® LCDs, lenses, trackballs and retaining rings, jog wheels, housings, escape switches, keyboards, USB ports and more. If you have a Blackberry® with a cracked or broken screen, a trackball that is not navigating correctly or does not work when pushed, then you have come to the right place! We have many Blackberry® parts from replacement Blackberry® screens, LCDs, lenses, trackballs and retaining rings, housings, keypads, keyboards, batteries, battery covers, full housings, accessories and more for all Blackberry® models.

We repair water damage blackberries in Toronto on the spot! As always, iRepex performs free diagnostics and gives free estimates for repair, with no obligation. Call us at (647) 349-0770

To have your Blackberry® repaired in Toronto first choose your model:

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